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We offer top-tier hearing aids at reasonable prices, coupled with
an unparalleled commitment to service.

We take pride in conducting thorough examinations and fitting
individuals with the perfect hearing solutions. Our commitment
goes beyond just selling hearing aids; we’re here to enhance your
hearing experience.

Our dedicated team is ready to make a positive impact on your
hearing journey.

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Why Choose Us?

Qualified Specialist Docters

Our Hearing Specialists take pride in listening and advising according to your needs. We conduct examinations.

Safety Guarantee

You get a 4-year warranty on your purchase, covering any technical or functional faults with the hearing aid.

Surgeon Referral

We can refer you to wellknown private ENT-surgeons .

Competitive Prices

Due to home market advantages we offer the most modern aids at very competitive prices.

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Help with Booking Airline Tickets

We can advise you on booking Airline Ticteks. And we can suggest places to visit and sights to see in Central Jutland.

Airport Pick-Up and Drop-Off

We can can pick you up at the Airport and take you to the Clinic, And make sure you catch your plane back

Complete Service

Enjoy our Full Serive: Examinations, Audiometry, Hearing Aid Selection and Fitting all in one day

Arne Eike 

Arne Eike is a certified specialist in otorhinolaryngology (ear, nose, and throat diseases) trained at the hospitals in Viborg, Holstebro, and Aarhus University Hospital. He holds additional qualifications in audiology, specializing in hearing problems. Arne has been working with ear, nose, and throat diseases since 1989 and has taught and treated patients worldwide. 

“We take pride in collaborating with the best and latest hearing aids.” 

To qualify for regional subsidies, Arne conducts a preliminary examination and can then provide a referral for you. This is part of our uniquely tailored service.

Keld Braüner 

Keld Braüner is a graduate of Aarhus University Hospital and has worked there for several years before choosing to channel his expertise into the private sector. Keld takes pleasure in connecting with each individual, his work, and the technical aspects it entails. 

We are all unique individuals composed of something distinct, and I take pride in listening and advising based on each person’s hearing needs.” 

As we all perceive sound differently and have preferences for how sound should be, we value taking the time to understand and cater to each person’s unique auditory experience.

Kenneth Kristensen 

Kenneth is also a graduate of Aarhus University Hospital, completing his training in 2007, before deciding to transition to the private sector to establish closer connections with people. 

“My experience has taught me that hearing aids should always be tailored to each individual client.”

 Therefore, it’s crucial for us to allocate ample time for examinations or consultations in the clinic. We are ready to welcome you with open arms.

What our clients say:

“Dear wonderful Hørecenter Aarhus Team !

Thank you all for the careful professional attention and expertise you bestowed upon me, and besides that, your kindness in attending to my other needs . All you care enabled me to have a most happy time during my stay in Aarhus. Importantly , I should tell you that I am enjoying my new hearing aids. I am happy to have my new life ! Thank you all again, best regards.”
K. Dennis-Jones
"Dear Dr. Eike

Many thanks for your prompt attention to my problem. The hearing aid is working perfectly well again and I realize just how much I was relying on it. What great service ! Eight days including postage in both directions !

Many thanks for your attention and all best wishes."
F. Cox
"Dear Dr & Mrs. Eike

May I thank you and your staff for the excellent service you provided , in enabling me to have your excellent hearing aids. I am delighted with the aids themselves, and with the way in which you welcomed me, transported me, carried out the tests and the fitting, and also arranged everything else. Everything was efficiently and carefully done, and every detail attended to , and I am truly grateful. Thank you!"
J. Wood

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Skelagervej 5, 1. sal
8200 Århus N


Jernbanegade 22
8400 Ebeltoft

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  • Bedste situationsgenkendelse
  • Bedste automatik og  (Ro/selskab, støjdæmpning, Kraftig støjdæmpning, dårlig akustik, Vindstøj, Musik)
Godt høreapparat til den varierede hverdag med flere forskellige lyttemiljøer.  Sammenkomster, møder,  familiesammenkomster, steder med baggrundsstøj. 
Fra 20 frekvensbånd.
Mulighed for bluetooth og tv stream.
Automatisk retningsvirkning.
Ekko blokker.
Avanceret situationsgenkendelse.
Smal retningsvirkning. 


  • Avanceret situationsgenkendelse
  • Avanceret automatik (Ro/selskab, støjdæmpning, Musik)
Godt høreapparat til den varierede hverdag med sammenkomster, møder,  familiesammenkomster. 
Fra 16 frekvensbånd.
Mulighed for bluetooth og tv stream.
Automatisk retningsvirkning.
Smal retningsvirkning. 


  • Basal teknologi
  • Basal automatik (Ro/selskab)
Godt høreapparat til den rolige hverdag med små sammenkomster.
Fx. 2 personers samtale, flere personers samtale, radio og tv. 
Fra 12 frekvensbånd.
Mulighed for bluetooth og tv stream.
Automatisk retningsvirkning.
  • Basal teknologi
  • Basal automatik
Godt høreapparat til den meget rolige hverdag. 
Fx. 2 personers samtale, radio og tv.
Fra 8 frekvensbånd.
Mulighed for bluetooth og tv stream.